Consign Your RV

No Cost Consignment!, That’s Right


Contact us to be connected our Appraisal Specialists who will walk you through valuation of your RV so you can sell with confidence. We make it easy by asking a series of questions about the features, options, and condition of the RV starting with the make and model. We want to know all about the RV so we can make you a offer on your rv or sell it for you on our lot!


Our promise is that:

We will sell your rv at no cost to you.

Give you maximum trade Value or 

Buy you’r Rv Outright for Top Dollar!

 How can we make that promise? We sold over 240 units on consignment last year alone. Why let us sell it for you? Simply, we have the time, staff and resources to find the PERFECT buyer. That means you can get back to enjoying life instead of wasting hours of your precious time listing, advertising, showing and negotiating your RV sale.


We can utilize our dealership and wonderful reputation for quality Rvs and services, but we will also list your RV online FOR you maximizing the exposure and range of buyers that are searching for your RV. Where you may have the limitation of cash only buyers, WE have a fantastic finance department with many options for the retail public. Not only that, we CAN and WILL take trade-ins to complete the purchase! Sounds GREAT, but what does it cost, right?


Most dealers take a percentage of the profit or charge for their service. WE DON’T. We have no consignment fee. It gets better. Our Service Department and Parts Department will work to maximize the value of your RV. We can do a full detail of your RV or even upgrade the features you already have with ease. Retail customers are looking for your RV right now so call today. our wonderful Appraisal Specialists is standing by to guide you through the process and put money in your pocket. 918-289-4194


Benefits to consigning your RV to Rv Outlet:


• Your Rv will be safe in a gated lot.
• No more searching endlessly for cash buyer. We have lenders to get the buyer financed and we accept trade-ins to make the deal work.
• We can deliver the rv washed, AV certified, and serviced to maximize the sale price
• with our website, traffic from customers looking at other rvs & know how to sell your rv YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU CONSIGNED WITH US!

So How Do We Make Our Money?

Selling Your Rv At No Cost To You?

Finance – The banks pay us for quality customers and gives us the same low rate.So When we get your buyer financed on your trailer we get paid from them.

Shop Service – We service what we sell! (often buyers will have us add or upgrade the rv they just bought from us)

Parts & Accessories – Over 14,000 available parts and accessories at our fingertips.

Trade-Ins – Rv Outlet knows how to work with trades.

Money Above Your Agreed Net Price – If the circumstances allow, we make money.

Referrals – Happy customers send us their friends and we make more sales!

FILL out the form to the right let us know what you have and how much you will sell it for we can talk about buying it outright or selling it for you!Be sure to include your  phone number, make ,model, year and what price you would like to get for your rv!

 call 918-289-4194